Uncategorized August 14, 2023

HOW TO KEEP RODENTS AT BAY #rodentcontrol#homemaintenance#pestcontrol#floridagardening#humanewaystocontrolrats#poisonalternativespestcontrol




Do you have fruit trees? Even if you don’t, here are some humane ways of controlling rodents.

  1. Remove clutter and hiding spots: rodents can use wood piles and debris for shelter: clear debris and fallen fruit.
  2. Trim branches away from structures to remove ways for rodents to get easy access to your home.
  3. Block access to sub-structure crawl space: use wire mesh or cement blocks. Bury the mesh a few inches below the soil.
  4. Mulching: Rodents like to burrow under wood mulch. Remove mulch next to the foundation. It can attract both rodents (and termites). Use river rocks or gravel instead.
  5. Companion plants such as marigolds, lavender and mint are famous for repelling rodents. Grow these around your fruit trees.
  6. Keep bird feeders away from your garden. Rodents love these.
  7. Ultrasonic devices sometimes work. Give them a try.
  8. Natural predators: feral cats, snakes. owls and hawks will keep the rodents at bay. Never use poison. This will make the situation worse as the natural predators will also die.
  9. Have a heart traps: catch and release live rodents, far from your garden.
  10. Combine several methods and be patient.