Uncategorized Pesky Ants? Here are some reliable, natural Home Remedies CINNAMON: ants don’t like the smell and they’ll avoid crossing it. I put this under my cats (raised ) bowls and it works well. VINEGAR: mix with water (1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water) This is very useful to repel ants on counters BAY LEAVES: works well to repel ants and cockroaches. Leave in drawers, cabinets, and […]
Uncategorized Flooding: How to protect your home! Protect your home from flood damage Clear debris from gutters, downspouts, and drains: ensure proper flow of water. Grade land so that it slopes away from the foundation. Install French Drains: these are trenches filled with gravel or rock that redirect water away from your home’s foundation. Collect water in Rain Barrels: reduce the volume […]
Uncategorized HOW TO KEEP RODENTS AT BAY #rodentcontrol#homemaintenance#pestcontrol#floridagardening#humanewaystocontrolrats#poisonalternativespestcontrol HUMANE WAYS TO CONTROL RODENTS     Do you have fruit trees? Even if you don’t, here are some humane ways of controlling rodents. Remove clutter and hiding spots: rodents can use wood piles and debris for shelter: clear debris and fallen fruit. Trim branches away from structures to remove ways for rodents to get […]
Uncategorized Summer Maintenance Recommendations Depending on your region of the country, and the heat you’re experiencing,  take care to perform outdoor summertime  activities while staying hydrated, and for  short intervals-while taking breaks to cool down. Recommended Tasks: Maintain the HVAC system; clean out the condenser if it has leaves or other debris in it, clean the coils, flush the […]
Uncategorized Is NOW a Good Time to Buy ? #Realestateflorida#Clearwaterflorida#BuypropertyinFlorida#FloridaRealEstate#FloridaRealEstateInsights#FloridaPropertyInvestment#FloridaRealEstateAdvice ‘We’ve been looking for a beach home each year we’ve visited. Now it’s out of reach.’ (Potential client, 03/22). If you can buy into our market now, do so: have no regrets! People are moving to Florida more than any other state, in record numbers. We have a strong local economy, no state income tax, […]
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